Escape From City 17  


I am a big fan of the Half-Life series by Valve. And when I recently heard that someone was making some short films based on the game, I assumed it would be terrible. But then I heard it was the Purchase Brothers doing them. They have done some pretty cool commercials in the past. It got me interested, so of course I watched the first episode. And wow, it was great. And they are going to make more. The coolest part is that Escape From City 17 is the top rated video on Youtube of all time, yes all time. This is a testament to how many people love the half-life series. The film was created independently of Valve and with almost no budget, $500. The film was shot in Toronto, Canada. It was released on Youtube on February 13th, and had over a million views by the 15th. The Purchase Brothers made the film, "to showcase and promote their talents further, and experiment with several post-production techniques they'd developed." The next episode should be released early to mid March. I just hope that they keep up the good work. I can not wait for the next installment.

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  • 27.2.09  

    This video was amazing, especially considering the budget. The acting is quite suspect, and there are some audio problems with the characters voice volume, but they are allowed some flaws, especially considering how visually stunning the piece is.


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