Facebook: Conspiracy or Just Fun  


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. But what are they doing with all your information. If you have an account you should go check out the new Terms Of Service. February 2009, this month, they changed there TOS. The new TOS states that they can use your information for whatever purpose they want, even after you delete your account. Also, all your information is retained in the system. That means they own the rights to use all the information about yourself that you post. They also own the right to use your pictures and videos for whatever they want. This means that they can sell you information or your pictures. Facebook claims to have never sold any of the user data to third party's. Mark Zuckerberg posted a blog recently explaining that they will never sell your info. But, all this does make me wonder. If they plan on never selling my info, why do they keep it around. Just be careful about what you post on Facebook or any social networking site. You never know where it might end up.

Update: As of 2/18/2009 Facebook has returned to there old terms of service.

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4 comments: to “ Facebook: Conspiracy or Just Fun

  • 17.2.09  

    I don't do facebook or myspace mainly because I see no point to them, but also because I'm not comfortable with putting information about me out there. I'm not comfortable putting pictures of myself online either. Even my icon for my blog profile is of my dog, not me. Nice blog, stop by mine if you ever want a movie recommendation. http://www.nicksmovies.blogspot.com

  • 17.2.09  

    Now you know. never post accurate information on line. I don't use those social networks. It seems like everyone is in a race to collect as many "friends" as possible. A really trendy ego trip. "i have more friends than you do.
    some people have a few hundred friends. they would have to be unemployed, using a computer 20 hoursa day to be "friendly". A sad ,pathetic way of socializing.

  • 18.2.09  

    I have a Facebook account, and I love it. It has allowed me to reconnect with long lost highschool friends. It has been like a highschool reunion. BTW, Facebook has reverted back to the original terms of service because so many people were concerned about the new terms.

  • 16.3.09  

    Wow, everyone is blogging about the fb tos change. Imho, the old tos isn't that good either...

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