The Power Of Anonymous  


On Sunday February 15th two boys posted videos on youtube. Now we all know that kids do stupid idiotic things, but what happened to these kids is amazing. The videos they uploaded depict them beating, slapping, and abusing there cat. The cat's name is Dusty. The boy in the video called himself Timmy, thinking no one would know who he was. The video received over 30,000 views before being taken down. The video was soon linked to 4chan.com. 4chan members are know for all sorts of things, they call themselves Anonymous or Anon, you can read about them in the news. Whatever you may think of 4chan, most people don't think of them as heroes. Well as it turns out Anon happen to be cat lovers. When they saw the videos they immediately took action. They started working together like a giant army of PI's and hackers. They used information in the videos to figure out who these kids where. They eventually even found the kids myspace and facebook. Using all the info that they had gathered and started a website, (kenny-glenn.net). This website has links to the abuse videos and information about the children involved, and numbers to the local police and news station in the area. Within hours people where calling the news and police. The local sheriff took a look at the tapes and arrested the boys. They where taken to jail and booked, they where then released to there parents. Some people and websites are urging the county to try the boys as adults, they met wcat-avenge-me-dustyith the District Attorney on 2/17/09. This proves that you can't do anything on the Internet with complete immunity, if people want to find you they will. Following Operation Dusty many Internet groups and websites have pronounced February 15th international "Dusty Day". People from all over the world and from all walks of life came together to save a cat, now if only we could do that to save people. I believe these kids are going to get exactly what they deserve. Next time you think about posting something on the Internet remember, Anonymous is always watching.

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