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Times are tough and we all seem to be in the same boat. That is if you live in the US. People are losing jobs left and right. We all need a little extra money right about now. The new president is doing what he can, but remember change takes time. So don't expect everything to be back to normal in a few weeks. So to help you out I've made a little guide to making money over the Internet. These are some easy ways to make money over the Internet without spending any of your own money.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Dollars

Well not really. But you can make some extra money by putting your pictures on the web. There are tons of companies and individuals who are looking for photos of just about anything and they want to pay you. They browse the pictures using key words so this gives you a good shot at getting your picture chosen. There are a few sites out there that do this for free; Shutterstock, Dreamstime, istockphoto, and Fotolia. These are just a few of the sites that are out there. Its very simple, just make an account for free and upload your photos. Make sure to add some good key words and your done. These sites are nice because once you put up your pictures you don't have to worry about them anymore, The sites do that for you. Whenever someone buys one of your pictures they add the money to your account, very simple and easy.

Einstein Here, How May I Help You?

Ever had a question and couldn't find the answer? Ever been out and needed to look something up on the Internet? Well, there is a new service in the US called the kgb, yes lowercase. They are know as The Knowledge Generation Bureau is a text service that will answer any question for you, and that answer is from a live person. This can really help some people out, especially if you don't have a smart phone. People simply text 542542 and ask them a question, it does cost 50cents per a text. Here is where you come in. The kgb is always looking for more agents, yes they use the job title agent. You get paid for each question you answer and you can do it in your underpants. In order to apply you have to answer the questions on there test, which is quite a fun little test. If you pass the first test, you go on to a super hard question. The super hard question is reviewed and if they liked your answer your in. You just have to do there special agent training. And the great thing is if you get hired you can tell all your friends that your a secret agent that works for the kgb.

To The Courtroom

No one like getting a juror summons in the mail. But what if you could be a juror from home. Sites like OnlineVerdict and JuryTest will pay you to review mock trials from home. Online Verdict pays about $20-$60 per a case and jury test a little less. But this means you can sit at home and get paid to read. They just want you to read the case and then answer a questionnaire about it. This helps lawyers decide if they have a strong case. And its another easy way to make money.

Oh Yes Surveys!

Thats right, surveys. I'm sure everyone has heard of online surveys and getting paid to take them. You just have to be careful. Some of the sites won't pay you cash, they only enter you into contests. A good survey site I found is American Consumer Opinion. They pay out cash when you want and have no limit. You just have to fill out a small questionnaire about yourself and when they get a survey that falls into your category they email you, very easy.

Your A Writer?

There are some websites out there that will pay you to write and even blog. They do require you to be good at doing both. Associated Content and Helium are both good sites. You write the articles, put them up on the websites and your done. The more people that read your articles the more money you make. If your good at at writing this could net you some good money.

Start A Website

Yeah you heard me. If you think your an expert or know something that others don't, start a website. Then advertise on that website. Apps like Google AdSense make it very easy to put ads on your website. Sites like Blogger, Google Sites, and Webs can help you get a site up and running. And after a few weeks you'll be a webmaster. The more people that come to your site the more money you make.

Well there you go. A few ways to earn yourself some extra money. It may not get you a new house or that fancy car you've been wanting. But it can get you those extra things you want. Or you can just use it to pay the bills. Try them out and see what works for you.

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  • 14.2.09  

    hey, nice blog you have here.

  • 17.2.09  

    I like your site. Thanks for the $$ tips, I'm going to try onlivederdict.com. I hope it works!

  • 18.2.09  

    These are some good tips..thanks.I'm going to try the Photo uploading sites & blogging and writing.Gotta give it a try! :-)

  • 16.3.09  

    I must say I had enough of this stuff. Sorry. After so much time earning less than the actual value of the time invested, I'm back to blog for free. Simply because I like to watch the charts in Google Analytics, better then watching cents in the AdSense reports. This just hasn't worked for me. And since I can make the money in real word, I'll remain a freebie blogger (for now).

    But that's just me.

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