The Bong Cat  


Stoners do a lot of dumb things, but this one has got to take the cake. On Sunday March 1st, Acea Schomaker was caught smoking marijuana through a device that he had put his kitten inbong-cat-police. Yes, he put his cat in his bong. The 20 year old faces misdemeanor animal cruelty charges and a $400 fine. The funny part is that the police caught him doing it, they were in his house responding to a domestic disturbance. When you know the cops are in your house, you don't put your cat in a bong. Schomaker insists that he was trying to calm the cat because it was "hyper". The cat is currently in good condition and was not hurt at all, just a little high. The device was a box modified with some hose and glass, with a small chamber for cats. The kitten had 12x6 inches of room in the bong, not much space for a cat. Last week kids beat a cat and now they are getting them high. There really is nothing a stoner can't think up.

What next?

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1 comments: to “ The Bong Cat

  • 13.3.09  

    why do cats always get all the punishment =/
    BUT this story is pretty hilarious haha. I smoke my roommates cat out all the time, its fun watching her after shes high =] but stoners really do come up with some amazing ideas.

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