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Tomorrow is April fools day, but you might not be laughing when you try to log into your computer. The Conficker Virus is apparently set to be activated on April 1, 2009. The worm has been very difficult for law enforcement to track down due to the way that the virus operates. No one is really sure what it will do when it activates but you need to make sure that you are protected. All of the major Anti-Virus programs have released updates to counteract the Conficker. One sign that you are infected with Conficker is that you can not update your computer with Microsoft. If you can't get your automatic updates their is a good chance that you may be infected by the Conficker virus. Some people are not even going to be on the Internet on April 1st. This is one of the worst computer viruses since the SQL Slammer. Microsoft is offering a $250,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of those responsible for Conficker. If you do not have virus protection software you need to get yourself protected now. Some experts have suggested turning off your WiFi on April 1st. That is the only way to be 100% sure you are safe. The Conficker Virus may or may not turn out to be a "big deal". It may even been a sick April fools joke, but don't count on it. Get protected from the Conficker Virus now.

AVG Free Anti-Virus Software
- Highly Recommended
Microsoft Update - Update Your Computer Now(Only Usable In IE)
Microsoft Info On Conficker - For More Information

*The Conficker Virus Only Effects Windows Computers.

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4 comments: to “ Conficker Computer Virus

  • 31.3.09  

    I am amazed at how many computers are still not using basic security protection. AVG offers a free anti-virus suite that regularly scores best in class.

    Too bad, but people are victims of their own ignorance.

  • 31.3.09  

    Mmmm... How safe I feel now in my in my rock-solid Kubuntu box :]

  • 3.4.09  

    I switched from Avast to AVG. Seems to work great so far. Gues the dreaded virus invasion on April fools wasn't as bad as they thought.

  • 5.4.09  

    Good thing we have macs, cause they're the shit and don't fuck up. holla

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