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Bit TOrrent
A torrent is a file type that is used in P2P data transfer. It is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to transfer data. Torrents are the most popular file transfer system in the world. They work by sharing data small or large, one piece at a time. The file is not hosted at any one particular server but on users computers who are downloading or have already downloaded the file. Everyone who is downloading a torrent is known as the swarm. The larger the swarm the faster the download. One person can upload a torrent and within hours millions of people could have downloaded it. The system only works if people share, you need to upload as much as you download. It's a very easy system to learn.

First thing you need to do is download a torrent client. The client you download will depend on your operating system. You may pick from the list below, go to the website and download which ever one meets your needs. Then install the client. For Windows, My favorite client is uTorrent.

Original BitTorrent

Original BitTorrent
Tomato Torrent
Bits On Wheels

Original BitTorrent
Okay, So now you have your torrent client downloaded and installed. Next thing we need to do is find some torrents for you to download. Finding torrents is not like other P2P file sharing programs. Torrent info is kept in small text files, (.torrent). Torrent files can be found all over the Internet, you can even search google for torrents. One of the best places to search for torrents is Torrents TO. Torrent TO searches the popular torrent networks for whatever you want. So the first thing to do would be to decide on what you want to download. You can download a movie, music, books, photos, or TV shows. So make a choice on what you want.

Popular Torrent Sites
The Pirate Bay


Once you know what you want, preform a search for the file. A list of search results should come up, choose the one you want. Next there should be a link that says "Download This Torrent" or "Click Here To Download". Click on the link and it should download a small file, less than 1mb. It will ask if you want to open it. The file should default to open with your bit torrent client, if it does not you will have to manually open it with your client. Then bit torrent will read the file and start downloading your torrent. You are now part of the swarm. Congratulations on downloading your first torrent.

One thing to always remember about using torrents is that the system only works if everyone shares the file. It is considered bad form to close your torrent client immediately after you download the file, these people are refereed to as leechers. You should try to maintain a 1.0 ratio. Your ratio is your upload to download comparison. One should always try to have a higher upload ratio than download ratio. In the future you may want to join sites like Demonoid and WhatCD. These are member sites and not open to the public. If you do get invitations to these sites make sure you maintain a good ratio. If you don't you will be kicked off the site. If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you. Now go find more torrents to download!

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5 comments: to “ How To Download Torrents

  • 16.3.09  

    Other than searching on torrent index sites like Mininova, I like to use torrentz.com, it's a parasite-like search engine. Finds torrents on other sites like Mininova, ThePirateBay, and many others, and I can chose where to download from (or there's a userscript for direct download access, installable with greasemonkey). Other than that, torrentz offers a list of trackers that is usually not available in the torrent files themselves. So I like to use that site as a starting point.

    Statistics show that utorrent is like the most popular client on windows (and the new 1.9 branch, still in alpha I think, has introduced the use of a TCP-less uTP protocol, which has quite a bunch of good features...) On Linux I am a fun of Ktorrent for KDE(4), and Deluge for Gnome On the other hand, deluge works fine on other OSes too, since it's a native Python app - gotta love that Python :)

    And if I might have a word to promote a bittorent client, try qBittorrent from qbittorrent.org, it's a work in progress, maybe not the best client out there, but Chris (the main developer) works hard every day to make it better, lol :) And I was the amd64 packager for debian/ubuntu for quite a while, now I package it for Windows. So if you have some spare time, try it and report the bugs to launchpad :)

    I took a glance at torrents.to, not bad. Anyway, I'll stick to torrentz for now :)

    Anyway. I like this post. Keep up the good work here. And thanks for commenting on my blog, too.

  • 17.3.09  

    Thank you for teaching me about this thingy.
    Have been forgotten to do this.

  • 17.3.09  

    I used to use Azureus for my torrent client, but since I started using utorrent I've never had speed problems. As the other commenter mentions, I use torrentz.com as it aggregates all the major torrents and the home page is a search cloud, which makes it wasy to find the latest popular torrents.

    Stop by by Insomnia Cures blog whenever you can't sleep!!! Cheers, and great blog btw!

  • 17.3.09  

    I added Torrentz.com, thanks guys.

  • 19.3.09  

    Thanks for your information about Torrent. I like to use it. I use it when i download carton movie such as Naruto. Btw Nice to meet you.

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