Since the dawn of time man has tried to armor himself in combat. Man has used everything from shields, suits of armor, helmets, and most recently Kevlar. But the days of Kevlar may be numbered. A brand new substance made by d30 Labs is out on the market, and no it's not a force field. The new product is called d3o Gel, That's right it is a gel. Great Britain's Ministry of Defense has even given £100,000 to a small company that developed the gel. If all goes according to plan the gel may be able to replace the bulky plates that our soldiers have to wear in combat. It will be used in helmets, gloves, and body armor. It may even be modified to reinforce vehicles.

The gel works by hardening on impact, yet its light weight and fld3o-orang-gel-hardensexible. Anything moving at high speed that impacts the gel causes it to become a solid, when the pressure is released it becomes a gel again. It is still being tested for military use. The defense contractors that work for the government still have to test and work with the gel, it may be 5 to 10 years before we have bulletproof soldiers. Yet, the gel is already being used by athletes. The gel can be found in sporting goods, racing suits, gloves, shin guards, and even ballet shoes. You may already own it and not even know it. This is exactly the type of innovation and technology our world needs.

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