Moot: 2009's Most Influential Person?  


As we speak the anon's from 4chan.org are voting on Times 100 most influential people of 2009. Who are they voting for you ask, well Moot of course. Moot is the creator and owner of 4chan.org. Moot's real name is Christopher Poole. 4chan is responsible for basically every Internet joke ever made, including the rick roll and lolcats. So really moot is a very influential person. Though at the same time 4chan has done some crazy things too. You can see the full list of candidates here. Currently Moot is number 1 followed by John Stewart. Both of whom are beating out people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Everyone should go and vote right now, you can vote as many times as you want. If 4chan pulls this off, it's going to be one of there greatest raids ever.

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2 comments: to “ Moot: 2009's Most Influential Person?

  • 20.3.09  

    I'm a fan of 4chan, or so to say. All hail, 4chan :]

  • 23.3.09  

    I heard ebaums world was doing it

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