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I really love the Nintendo Wii. It's just so much fun, and its easy to play. Even if I've had 6 beers I can still beat you at Tennis. The graphics are not as good as say a 360 or a PS3, Wii is in a whole other category. The Nintendo Wii has continually out sold both the PS3 and the xbox. The system appeals to so many people Sony and Microsoft just can't compete. I just wish that Nintendo would produce more challenging games for it. Every game on the system seems to be fun easy to play games. Nintendo needs more RPG and action games, which they will hopefully be releasing soon. I hope to see some really good games at this years E3(June,2009). But only time will tell.

What next?

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  • 29.3.09  

    I suck at Wii, but I love you dearly.
    Guess who.

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