Robots Can Love?  


I read a story earlier this month over on GeekoLogie.com about a robot that was programmed to love. The robot, built by Toshiba, apparently malfunctioned and went into stalker mode. The robot trapped a female in a room and would not let her go. Toshiba has decided to decommission the robot so that it does not hurt anyone. Read the full story here.

I think this is one of the coolest stories I have seen in a long time. We really are living in the future now. Robots that can love, that's a insane task for Toshiba to take on. Yet, I'm so glad that someone is putting research and money into Artificial Intelligence. Maybe one day we will all have our very own robots.

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Robots Can Love?

  • 14.3.09  

    Re your last comment:

    Maybe one day all robots will have their own humans. :P It's not long before they have SKYNET from terminator taking over the world, I'm telling ya!

    Thanks for sharing this wacky story! Definitely letting my geek friends know about it :) Now if the robot can love AND look like any anime characters... imagine the potential Otaku market in Japan... $_$ Hell, I'd buy one myself! XD

  • 17.3.09  

    Wow. That's rally fascinating and pretty damn scary all at the same time.

    Now ifI could only get the robotic person that I live with learn to love me I'd be set....


    Thanks for the post.

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