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Just thought I would give people a heads up. If you want to start your own blog or website there are a lot of free resources out there. You should never pay a company money to make a website for you(There are exceptions to this). Site Build It is a company that you pay $300 a year to and they make a website for you. They promise that there way will make you money. The truth is that you could do exactly what they are doing for around $5 a month, and everything that Site Build It does you can do. Most of the products Site Build It sell are free on the internet. So really Site Build It is a scam, please don't waste your money on it. There are tons of free resources out there that can help you get started with a website or blog.

An interesting thing happened over at Lis Sowerbutts blog, she wrote a review of Site Build It. She wrote about what a big scam it is, and guess what. A bunch of Site Build It cheerleaders showed up and bad mouthed her in the comments. These cheerleaders of course make money with Site Build It, they make about $75 every time someone uses there affiliate link. Well of course if they make money from the website they don't want people telling the truth about the fact that it is a scam. The interesting thing is, that the CEO of Site Build It even left a comment on Lis's blog. They really must not want a bad review out there, sounds a lot like what Scientology does. Go and check out Lis's Review Of Site Build It. Make sure to read the comments, it's really funny that these people felt the need to bombard Liz with comment after comment, they even call her stupid. Site Build It is a SCAM plain and simple. Don't buy any of there products, it is a waste of your money.

Disclaimer: This is completely opinion, please do your own research.

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14 comments: to “ Site Build It: The Scam

  • 21.3.09  

    I think you are correct. Site build is an expensive program and should not be recommended by anyone.

  • 21.3.09  

    It is good for folks to know that there are alternatives when they have a site and want to build it.

    Then they can make informed choices based on their specific circumstance and their budget.

  • 22.3.09  

    SBI - The Evoy Empire - you are right way overpriced ! I see the wolf man was here too !

  • 22.3.09  

    Hi Nick,
    Free money is what we want, moustraps we can do without - so I joined in and set up site build it review site - hey why not the Internet is a very big place !

  • 23.3.09  

    Free money is a dream and a myth it all takes a lot of work! What could have been very negative took a very positive turn with a combined Grizz/Vic lesson on SEO 30,000 words into the page LOL. I gave them a hub of their own - seemed write - link on my handle

  • 24.3.09  

    Very interesting thank you for the heads up. I personally had never heard of this particular company

  • 6.6.09  

    My first encounter with Sitesell was in November 2005.

    Thanks to Ken Evoy's scam I now earn $3000 a month.

    If I had gone another route with my internet career I don't think I would be where I am today.

    How much do you make a month?

  • 7.6.09  

    Hey Jason!

    First thanks for coming to my blog and reading. Second I would like to know what the website or sites are that your making $3000 dollars from. Many people send me emails or angry comments, but they can never prove that they make any money.

    And this site is a personal blog, aka not for making money. But I do own a string of websites that make me a few hundred dollars a month. But I do a lot of computer related stuff for businesses in my local area, which is where I make my income from, not the internet.

  • 9.7.09  

    I bought SiteBuildIt and I earn about a hundred dollars a month whilst working in my spare time. I've an Alexa ranking of about half a million which is pretty reasonable considering I only started 8 months ago. I doubt I wouldn't have got this far without SBI - I was a complete web novice.

    I appreciate that people are INCREDIBLY wary of scams and all. But SBI is a scam? No. They have full contact details and you can ring up the authorities and do them in at any point. Maybe not great value in some peoples eyes - but for me, I found the keyword research fantastic. SBI uses Wordtracker and a bit of it's own software to produce it's keyword system - Wordtracker costs $30 more per annum than SBI altogether yet people still use it.

    There are pitfalls such as the layouts, but is there anything that is "perfect"?

    It's all about finding the right solution for you - SBI is broad, good for newbies especially, but I agree wholeheartedly in saying that it isn't the one-stop solution to success.

    Nice blog btw

  • 9.7.09  

    Yet again, I get all sorts of people who claim to make tons of money with Site Build It. But not a single one will prove it, and none of them ever seem to show me their website.

    If any Site Build It users would show me a website that makes money that would be awesome.

  • 20.7.09  

    Thanks for writing this.

    Hopefully more people get the word out about how SBI is a SCAM!

    There's been far too many good people who've been duped out of $300 and are too honest to participate in their MLM scheme by conning more people!

    This says a lot about the SBI assholes who do!

  • 20.7.09  

    I was reading an article about adsense and how to get started on building a webpage with adsense and they promoted SBI so much that I was going to subscribe today, until I read your blog and comments.

    Can anyone provide an honest answer on how to get stared on creating a webpage with adsense without paying much that is geared towards dummies?

  • 20.7.09  

    Blogger and Wordpress are the easiest ways to get started with websites. Adsense can be complicated, so just doing a Google search on how to get started with it. Just don't expect to make money over night. Like everything else in life, it takes time.

  • 21.2.12  

    As a former SBI affiliate who made about $1000 promoting SBI, I agree that the service they provide is not worth $300/yr, but I must say Ken Evoy's (the creator of SBI) literature on affiliate marketing would be worth about $50-$100 to me if they didn't give it away for free to 'presell' SBI. I am looking for a better alternative to SBI to market right now. I always felt a bit dirty promoting that one (as I wouldn't purchase it myself at that price level) - I wish they could offer more services at that price range; throw in some free content and backlink building (not a link exchange, actual backlink building), maybe? They should also find a way to separate the domain/hosting from all the other services, offer a lower cost alternative if you want to host your own site.

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