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I don't know about you but I hate Windows Vista. All the compatibility issues and the fact that is likes to hog system memory have made Vista my enemy. I recently got a peek at Windows 7 and it looks like Microsoft might have some good ideas this time, and some bad ones. Microsoft says that Windows 7 will be out by Vista's 3 year consumer release. That would put the release date around January 10th, 2010.

People got a first look at Windows 7 with the beta program. All of the keys have already been given out so beta is closed. The beta expires on August 1, 2009, so be prepared if you do have the beta. My impression from all the reviews online is that Microsoft has learned a lot from Vista. The OS is much faster and a lot of useless fluff has been removed. But, this is not the final build, it is only a beta. So I do not want to judge the OS just yet.

One interesting fact is that Microsoft has removed some of the programs that come with Windows. Namely, Windows Messenger, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, and Windowswindows-seven-7 Mail are all gone. They have all gone into the new Windows Live Essentials Pack, which is a free download for Windows 7. The Essentials Pack also come with some great new apps. Windows Media Player has also had a full overhaul to improve performance and reliability, the mini media player has been removed. If Microsoft can make the Windows Live Pack an essential and useful part of 7 they will quite a product on there hands.

Microsoft is doing all it can to learn from Vista. They are stripping off any pointless fluff that was apart of Vista. 7 will also be fully compatible with Vista, in fact that is marketing plan, selling it as an upgrade. Microsoft stated that the release candidate for 7 will be a huge improvement from the beta, and will have quite a few changes. If Microsoft can work out all the bugs and improve performance they may have quite an operating system on there hands. If they have a solid and fast OS they will do very well. I can't wait to see what the final release looks like. I have a hope that Microsoft will pull through and give us a great product, at a good price.

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