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We have all seen the Above The Influence commercials. And unless you live under a rock you know that they are complete bullshit. These government funded commercials do absolutely nothing to stop drug use and are a complete waste of money. Millions and millions of dollars a year go into these Anti-Drug programs, yet no matter what we will always have drug use. We need to educate people about the dangers of drugs, meaning the truth not lies. Then people can make informed decisions for themselves about whether or not they want to use them. People have know that smoking is terrible for your health for years, yet still 1 in 5 Americans smoke. So why is it any surprise that people use drugs. The Above The Influence campaign is full of lies that kids can see right through, if you lie to kids they will not listen to you. The commercials always involve some kids smoking a little weed and then killing themselves. Now, I know stoners can do some dumb things, But they usually involve food and no one dies.

The War On Drugs continues in America. We have more people in jail than any other country. The majority of our jails, more than 50%, are drug users. So apparently our solution to drug use is to put people in jail. The Above the Influence campaign is funded by the government, more specifically by Office of National Drug Control Policy. In 2006, The US Government released a 5 year study. This study showed that the government funded anti-drug programs where not working. After the release of this study President George Bush decided to increase funding by $130 million. I guess Mr. Bush thought that if he threw more money at the problem, it would fix itself. This was a trend during his entire presidency.

The government policy has always been that if we scare the crap out of kids they won't do drugs any more. But, as we all know this is not true. Teens have been doing drugs since the 40s and it is not going to stop. Above The Influence has a survey you can take all about drugs. The problem of course is that the survey is completely biased. The US government keeps spending tons of money on anti marijuana commercials because they call it the gateway drug. Apparently if you ever use marijuana your going to be addicted to crack, heroin, and cocaine. The truth is that the type of people that are going to do crack probably don't pay any attention to anti-drug commercials. The way I look at it is this. If people use marijuana before they use heroin, then the same can be said about caffeine. heroin users used caffeine before heroin, therefore caffeine is also a gateway drug. And if caffeine is a gateway drug then it should be banded too. I'm of course just using caffeine to make a point but I thought I would send an email to Above the Influence and see what they thought. The email I sent is below.

"I was checking out your site. I never knew that smoking weed could lead to a heroin addiction. But then that got me thinking. If weed leads to heroin, then so does caffeine. Because people use caffeine before heroin. So we need to stop kids from drinking coke and soda too. Caffeine can lead to a Heroin addiction. We need to spread the word. NO CAFFEINE!!!!!"

I have not received a response yet, but when I do I will post it. There is one website you should check out. Its called Above The Ignorance. A website devoted to trying to showcase the facts about drug use and not be biased. You should check it out. I would love to hear what you have to say about this. Do you think that marijuana should be legal? Have you used Drugs in the past? What is your take on the Drug War? Let me know in the comment section below.

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11 comments: to “ Above The Influence: Is Bullshit!

  • 19.4.09  

    The drug war in the united states is the biggest joke in history. It has been proven time and time again that their main weapons in this fight are biased falsehoods. Alcohol is by far the biggest gateway drug that i have ever seen. I have been smoking pot since i was 12 years and i still to this day have yet to try anything else. Yet I have seen it countless times that people try drugs when they are under the influence of alcohol. I have never met a single person who's first time doing any drug besides mushrooms was when they were high on cannabis but I can list at least 10 close friends who have tried it for the first time after a night of drinking and at least 20 to 30 who tried ecstacy for the first time while drinking.

  • 20.4.09  

    Marijuana is legal where I stay and it seems not a problem at all.. I live here in Netherlands and ever few meters there is a "Cafè" but for smoking or eating stuff with marijuana in it... nothing special or nothing chaotic. A few street fights but it's normal even the drunks do...

    Down my apartment, there are arounf4 cafès I guess and in Friday and saturday night, therê's a lot of fun down. ^^

  • 22.4.09  

    I totally agree with you! In fact, My final project for one of my college classes is about this very same subject so I might just reference your blog in my paper.

    You bring up a lot of good points and although I love my country, the US seems insistent on using scare tactics and terror in order to manipulate people. I don't fall for it but many people do.

    The war on drugs only causes more problems than it will ever solve. Great post!

  • 25.4.09  

    What do you mean biased? Drugs are illegal so people who do drugs are criminals. How hard is that to understand?
    You said: "So apparently our solution to drug use is to put people in jail" Yeah because drugs are against the law and if you break the law, you go to jail. I hate when people get mad and upset when they get caught with drugs. It's not the government's fault that there are so many people in prison, it's the dumbass drug addicts' faults.

    And to answer your questions:
    I think that marijuana should be legalized but only because of the positive economical effects it will have, and also the drugs will be in the hands of professionals and out of the hands of drug dealers and criminals, which will help stop drug violence. But because of this I definitely do not condone marijuana and wish that everyone would stop.

    I never have and never will do an illegal drug, even marijuana if it gets legalized.

    With the war on drugs, they are trying their best to inform kids how bad they are, but it doesn't work because of peer pressure and dumbass kids turning to drugs for stupid reasons. At least the government is trying to do something about it, instead of doing the opposite by making marijuana look glamorous.

  • 30.4.09  

    Nick and others, I believe I can help you with some interesting information. There has been an interesting study by a man named Glenn Greenwald from the Cato Institute. You can go to the Cato institutes website, google "Glenn greenwald" OR maybe this link will take you there. This link is to a forum podcast that is about an hour long. The Cato Institute has a pdf file of the reprt you can download. basically it's about how Portugal has decriminalised ALL drugs since 2001. Nobody really knows about it because it has worked brilliantly. Glenn has finally compiled, after a seven year study, real, imperical information that can NOT be denied. My facebook name is Invaderus Rappleanus. Start an account and join me in the fight to end prohibition! Here's the link


  • 6.5.09  


    When I started reading your post, I thought you were trying to be funny. I was a bit disappointed as I read on, but I'm glad you at least came to a reasonable conclusion.

    There should be a better reason for the existence of a law than "this is illegal, so you'll go to jail if you do it." For the law to be respected, and not just obeyed when punishment is feared, it must be reasonable. Otherwise, people will break it when they feel that they can get away with it. Laws establishing crimes without victims do exactly this.

    Also, on the War on Drugs and anti-drug ads, some of these ads have actually been shown to make kids more likely to use drugs. It's not all about peer pressure, and they are not all "dumbasses." If you removed from the world everybody who has ever done drugs, you would have a world that is much poorer and more boring.

  • 20.7.09  

    I used to smoke ALOT of weed but now i use it a couple times a month at the most. I have also experimented with various other drugs. I can say that the website "above the influenece of ignorance" is also a very biased website. It is not nearly as biased as above the influence, but it is far from being an unbiased website.

  • 16.11.09  

    Andy you are a fucking tool. How in the hell does jail help a drug addict quit. Sure in jail they can't use drugs, but when they are released what do you think they will do next? Drug users may be criminals but 1) It is not violent at all (especially pot) and 2)criminal is a word, that is made up by lawmakers, so to be so stupid to just say that all criminals are bad people is stupid. Marijuana should be legal, and harder drugs should not involve jail, but perhaps probation with rehabilitation.
    My uncle is a prominent lawyer in California who is working with activists to end this bullshit

  • 25.5.10  

    Honestly, there is nothing wrong with marijuana. I mean, you can try to prove me wrong, but you probably can't. You can try to tell me "the truth", but in reality, you're just using false evidence. Marijuana has killed 0 people. Yeah, you heard me. 0. I mean, the chance of it killing someone is a 1/10,000,000,000 chance. Well, something like that. I'm just 14, but these idiotic scrotes are 40. Even a common dog has more intelligence and logic than them. I feel sorry for them.

  • 16.3.11  

    Andy, I have to say bravo to you for being the biggest dick on here. You sound like a 8 year old girl scout that has been brainwashed into thinking that weed is bad for you. Tell me this, in recent studies, have you ever heard of anyone dying from using too much pot? Or how about OD on it? I'm going to fucking blow your brains out of your head with this: it will literally take over 1400 POUNDS of marijuana for me to overdose and I pass out for just 5-7 hits from a bowl. There is no freakin way. Now granted you get a really bad case of cotton mouth and the munchies, and your motor functions are a little slow, but other than that, you'll be just fine. I have never heard of someone dying or killing anyone in, say, a car accedent for the use of marijuana. you said "I think that marijuana should be legalized but only because of the positive economical effects it will have, and also the drugs will be in the hands of professionals and out of the hands of drug dealers and criminals, which will help stop drug violence." Well no fucking DUH! But the reason why it isn't legal around the US is because the major medical companies that distributes the medicine to doctors don't want to lose their bussines. I can't continue on because I'm wasting my time trying to convince someone who will clearly never understand and always let big brother pull them around with their leash.

  • 24.1.12  

    look fellas, all you have to read of Andys comment is "i never have and never will do an illegal drug..." and you immediately see where he is coming from. I feel like the only way to convince these people is to have them try it. I mean, maybe they wont like it, but they will understand why people do it. The people who run above the influence and those kinds of things:if 100 of those people never smoked weed, and they all tried it once, i guarantee that 50 of them would at least TRY it again, thats a guarantee, AT LEAST 50. Dont knock it til you try it, simplest rule to live by

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