The Customer Is Not Always Right  


If you have ever worked any job where you have to deal with the public you are going to love this website. It is called Not Always Right, As in the Customer is Not Always Right. These have got to be some of the funniest quotes I have every read. Here is a sample or two.

Customer: “I’m looking for the autobiography of Jesus.”

Me: “Um, do you mean a biography of Jesus?”

Customer: “No! I want the AUTO-biography of Jesus! Where would it be?”

Me: “Well, I guess you could try the Bible section…”

Me: “Welcome to ***, how may I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, I was calling about a corner fireplace you are supposed to have on sale.”

Me: “Yes ma’am, let me get you a price on that and check our stock.”

(I leave, check the sale price ($299), and come back to the phone.)

Me: “Ma’am?”

Customer: “Yes?”

Me: “Looks like the unit is $299.99 on sale.”

Customer: “WHAT? I have a piece of paper right here that says it should be $315!”

Me: “Oh, sorry. I said it’s on sale for $299.”

Customer: “What the h***, it says it right here on my piece of paper! Corner fireplace for $315!

Me: “Ma’am, $299 is less than $315.”

(There’s a very long silence.)

Customer: *click*

Go check out more of them here.

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2 comments: to “ The Customer Is Not Always Right

  • 20.4.09  

    Hey Nick! That's really coool! Love it... I love the price one..well, customers can be crazy. I had the same share of experience while working in a fastfood chain while i was a student.

  • 20.4.09  

    Autobiography? That is really something. I think if there exists one, that would be the most auctioned book...or if there are many copies, the best seller of all times!

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