New Products and Upgrades At Apple's 2009 WWDC  


It's that time of the year again. Apple is hosting their 2009 WWDC and unleashing all sorts of new products and upgrades to their old stuff. Every one has been waiting for Apple to release a tablet PC, Snow Leopard, and new upgrades to the iPhone. 5200 developers from 52 different countries showed up to see what Apple had to offer.

Apple released Snow Leopard OSX, it will be $29 for current users to upgrade. Their Macbook and Macbook Pro have gotten some small upgrades. The Macbook Pro has had a price drop, now starting at $1199. This is a really big step for Mac, the price drop is going to sell a lot more units, especially to college kids. As I currently am a college kid, I see their Macbooks everywhere. Now I expect to see more of the Macbook Pros. Apple also stated that their new notebooks are the greenest in the world.

Apple has sold over 40 million iPhones and iTouches, that is quite a lot. But of course what we have all been waiting for, a new iPhone. Well guess what, you got it. It's called the new iPhoneS. It comes in 16GB or 32GB. I've been waiting for a 32GB model to come out, now I'm finally going to buy one. The new iPhoneS is 3X faster than the old iPhone. The iPhoneS comes with a 3MP auto focus camera, It can also now record and edit video. You can also use the new "Find My Phone" feature on the iPhoneS, this allows you to log onto any computer and find the exact position of your phone on a map. This also features a remote wipe, that way if your phone is stolen you can wipe all your data to keep your privacy. New Turn-By-Turn directions from your iPhone could signal the end of stand alone GPS units. You will be able to by a car dock that will keep your iPhoneS charged and make it easy to use as a GPS. The iPhone OS 3.0 will also be released this month, it will come with all new phones and be $9.95 to upgrade older phones. All these new features in the iPhone make it pull far ahead of the competition, will other phone companies be able to compete, we will see this summer.

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1 comments: to “ New Products and Upgrades At Apple's 2009 WWDC

  • 11.6.09  

    I've been waiting for a 32GB iPhone for so long. I want the new one really bad!!!

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