How To Mine BitCoin On A Mac or PC With Your Browser  


What Is BitCoin?

BitCoin is a digital peer to peer currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto. BitCoin has no central authority unlike conventional currency. It is becoming more and more popular. How much 1 BitCoin is worth changes daily. BitCoin is stored virtually on your computer and is anonymous. There are two ways to get Bitcoins. The first way to get Bitcoins is to buy them from some of the many popular exchanges. The second way to get Bitcoins is to use your computer to mine Bitcoins. Your computer will solve complicated "puzzles" and when it finishes you are rewarded with Bitcoins. It can take a long time to mine Bitcoins by your self so it's a good idea to use groups when mining Bitcoins. You can mine Bitcoins on a Mac or a PC.

Mining BitCoins On Your Mac or PC With Your Browser

Mining BitCoins on your Mac or PC is easy. There are many ways to Mine BitCoins in Windows and Linux. Many people want an easy way to mine BitCoins on the Mac. This method is a CPU Miner and involves no set up. All you have to do is go to BitCoinPlus and make an account. (It's Free) Then you just hit the "Start Generating" button. BitCoinPlus uses Java script to generate BitCoins for you. This is a very easy way to get started with BitCoins. This is an easy method to use on a Mac or a PC. You can run BitCoinPlus on as many computers at the same time as you want. The more computers you are running it on the faster you will generate BitCoins. There you have it, an easy way to mine BitCoin on your Mac. Fast, Easy, And Simple!

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